Wedding Accessories & Props

Aisle Runner Carpet 25' - Off White
For inside Use ONLY!!
(A fee will be charged if carpet requires professional cleaning after use.)

Event Rate: $33.00


Aisle Runner Carpet Red - 25' 
(You will be charged extra if carpet requires professional cleaning after use.)
Event Rate: $28.00


Bird Cages
Available in a variety of styles
Event rate: $5.00 & up


Bubble Machine
Event Rate: $16.00


Candelabra Arch
15-Branch, Metal

Available in White or Silver.
Rental fee includes 15 dripless candles. Event Rate: $33.00


Candelabra Unity Table Top
Event Rate: $7.00


3-Branch, Metal

Available in Silver
Event Rate: $12.00


Candelabra 7-Branch, Metal
Available in White, Silver & Brass
Event Rate: $13.00


Candelabra Unity Candle, Metal
Available in White, Silver & Brass
Event Rate: $12.00


Candelabrum w/ Crystals
Set of 2 

Event Rate: $8.00


Candle Lighter/Snuffer
Event Rate: $6.00


Candles - Dripless
To prevent melted wax from getting on carpets!
Event Rate: $1.50


Card Holder Bird Cage Wooden
Event Rate  $8.00


Card Holder Bling Box
Event Rate: $8.00


Card Holder Heart White Wicker
21"H x 19.5"W
Event Rate: $6.00


Card Holder Mailbox Plastic 
Event Rate: $17.00


Card Holder Wishing Well 
2.5"H - Plastic Lattice
Event Rate: $10.00


Card Holder Wrapped Gift Metal
Event Rate: $6.00


Centerpieces Giant Martini Glass
Event Rate: $8.00


Centerpieces Wood Slices (Natural Oak)
Size:                   Rate:
5"                        $.50
8"                      $1.00
12"                    $2.00


Chalk Board
Available in Wood or Metal, White, Black or Brown
Event Rate:$8.00 & up


Chandelier "Bling"
5'H w/ 4 tiers of clear beads
Event Rate: $35.00


Columns, Pedestals, Railings & Balustrades
Available in various styles, types & heights.
Height:           Event Rate:
2'Hx11.5"W     $8.00 each
2.5'Hx17"W    $13.50 each
3.5'Hx9.5"W   $12.50 each
3.5'Hx12"W    $12.50 each
3.5'Hx14"W    $15.00 each
4.5'Hx9"W     $15.00 each
6'Hx12"W      $22.00 each
6.5'Hx16"W   $23.00 each
8'Hx12"W      $26.00 each

Balustrade Corner
Railing:                 $15.00
Balustrade Railing: $15.00
Arch w/ Greek
Columns:               $89.00


Drapes - Sheer
Event Rate: $350.00 & up depending on location.

Extra Options: 
Small string lights on alternate panels: Add $50.00

Chandelier - "Bling": Add $35.00**


Ceiling Drapes.jpg

Wooden or Metal

Event Rate: $6.00 & up


Flower Ball
Available in various sizes & colors
Size:         Event Rate:
12"                     $4.50
8"                      $4.00
5"                      $2.50


Greek Columns
See "Column, Pedestals, Railings & Balustrades" on this page.


Guestbook Stand/ Podium/ Lectern w/ Wrought Iron Base
Available in Silver or White
Event Rate: $18.00


Heart Frame w/
7' Stand

You attach the 5" Balloons
Event Rate: $7.00


Ladder 22" Shabby Chic
Available in Red or White
Event Rate: $4.00


Lamp Post - Acorn 
Available in White or Black
Event Rate: $32.00


Lamp Post w/
4 Globes PVC & Plastic

Event Rate: $29.00


Lantern Tree - 3 Branches for Candles - Brass
Event Rate: $15.00


Available in various sizes, styles & colors
Event Rate $5.00 & up


Light Strand Curtain 30'L x 10'H LED Lights
Event Rate: $30.00


Event Rate: $150.00


Red Carpet - 25'
Also available in Ivory
Event Rate: $25.00


Rustic Arch Small, Wooden
Event Rate: $60.00


Over 70 to choose from!
Event Rate: $6.00 & up


Sheperd Hooks
Heavy Duty Iron
Event Rate: $5.00


Sweetheart Table #2 Wooden - Vintage
Event Rate: $13.00


Sweetheart Table #3 Wooden - Vintage
Event Rate: $15.00

Vintage Chairs rent separately for $16.00 per pair.


Gold w/ White Leather Seating

Event Rate:
$150.00 each
$300.00 pair
Perfect for Quinceaneras, baby showers, or bridal showers. We have 2, so they can even be used for Bride & Groom seating.


Event Rate: $35.00 each unit


Urns - 22"H Plastic
Event Rate: $10.00


Vase w/ Silver Glitter Band
Event Rate: $2.50


Vases - Glass Cylinders
10"H                  $2.00
14"H                  $3.50
16"H                  $4.50


Wagon Wheel - 35"
Event Rate: $10.00


Water Trough w/ Small Stand & 35" Wagon Wheels
Item in Photo:   Event Rate:
Water w/ Stand        $40.00
Wagon Wheel            $10.00


Whiskey Barrels
Event Rate: 
No Name Brand:       $41.00
Jack Daniel's Brand: $52.00

Table Top 25" Glass: $8.00
Table Top 25" Wood: $5.00


Wishing Well
Event Rate: $


Wishing Well -
Metal, 'H x 'W

Available in White or Brass
Event Rate: $13.00


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