Arches, Trellises, & Pergolas

French Window Arch
Event Rate: $106.00


Greek Column Arch Top #1
Event Rate: $97.00


Arch Columns 2.jpg

Greek Column Arch Top #2
Shown w/ 8' Columns (Included)
Event Rate: $97.00


Greek Column Arch Top #2 With Balustrades
Event Rate for :
Arch: $97.00
(30"H x 48"L): $17.00


Greek Column Arch Top #3 7.5"H at Center x 6'W (Included)
Shown w/ 6' Columns (Included)
Event Rate: $97.00



Lattice Arch
Event Rate: $44.00


Lattice Arch
Event Rate: $44.00

Shown w/ Kneeling Bench
Event Rate: $19.00


Metal Arch $30.jpg

Metal Arch 
Available in Black, Ivory, or Silver
7'H x 4'W
Event Rate: $33.00



Pergola/Trellis Wooden
8'2"H x 8'W x 3'5"

Event Rate: $160.00



Ranch Entrance Arch 8'H x 10'W
Event Rate: $136.00



Rustic Wooden Arch - Small 7'3"H x 5'3"W
Event Rate: $54.00

(Fencing and Flower decor not included.)


Vintage Doorway Arch
Event Rate: $106.00


Wooden Arch w/ Plant Hangers 8' High at Center x 5'6"L
Event Rate: $97.00


Wooden Arch - Rustic Medium 7'5"H x 8'5"W
Event Rate: $136.00


Rustic Wooden Arch - Medium 7'5"H x 8'5"W
Event Rate: $132.00


Arch Medium.JPG

Square Arbor Arch 5'2"W (at top) x 80"H
Event Rate: $49.00

Shown w/ our Wrought Iron Guestbook Stand
Event Rate: $18.00


Wooden Arch - Black
93"H x 60"W
Event Rate: $82.00


Artboard 4 copy.jpg
doal1_4 Small Jpeg.JPG

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