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Party & Event Rental Info. 

1) OUR INVENTORY: Our inventory is large---too large to put everything on our website, so please call us if you don't see what you are looking for. If we don't have it, we may get it! We have 2 buildings with showrooms displaying our items, so please feel free to visit our store. The best times are Tues., Wed., and Thurs. as the equipment that has been rented over the weekend is back on site. 

2) Rental Rates: Our party equipment is rented at an "event rate" rather than a "daily rate" as long as it is being used one time during your rental term. We allow our customers to pick up their party orders the day before their event and return it the day after. If your event is on a Saturday, you will pick your order up on Friday and return it on Monday for the event rate. (Note: We are not open on Saturdays and Sundays!)

3) Deliveries & Pick Ups: We do offer these services for an additional fee. We charge by the distance from our store. We deliver to North Port, Arcadia, and other nearby areas. Call for a quote (914-625-7110). The delivery fee is for a driveway drop only. You will be required to transport it to the location it will be used. Pick-up is the same... You must have the equipment stacked at the drop-off point waiting for our truck. If you do require us to carry the equipment to a different location there will be an additional fee. Obviously, some locations are more difficult to reach such as the beach or multi-level buildings and will cost more. 

4) Deposits: We may require a 50% deposit on your order. All orders must be paid in full when you come to pick-up or before we deliver it. We will call you a few days before your event to confirm. Deposits will become non-refundable one week before your event depending on the circumstances.

5) Table and Chair Set-Up & Take-Down: We do offer this service for an additional fee. You must make arrangements for this service in advance so that we make time in our delivery schedule and have the required manpower. 

Per Metal Chair: .45𝇍 for set-up and .45𝇍 for take-down
Per Wooden Chair: .65𝇍 for set-up and .65𝇍 for take-down 
Per Table: 1.50𝇍 for set-up and 1.50𝇍 for take-down

6) Headcounts: Please have your headcount finalized the week beforehand so that our staff can begin to prepare your order. Last minute changes to your headcount may incur a fee if we have already pulled your order. 

7) China & Flatware: All dishes must be rinsed clean of any food residue before they are returned or you will be charged an extra $50.00 cleaning fee. Dried on food will require us to soak and scrub the dishes before putting them through the dishwasher. 

8) Linens: Linens must be returned in the laundry bags that we provide with your order. Do NOT put them in plastic trash bags as they may mildew and you will be charged a replacement fee. Also, we have had linens thrown in the trash by accident because they were placed in trash bags! Do NOT staple or tape our linens. Any holes or damage will result in you having to pay to replace the linen. You will be charged an extra fee if we have to remove candle wax. 

9) Inflatables: ****Bounce houses and inflatables require adult supervision at ALL times!!**** You must use common sense to prevent injury to your children and guests. If it is stormy, windy or raining DO NOT allow anyone on the equipment. Do NOT allow too many users on/in at one time. Do not allow food, candy, or silly string to be taken on/in the equipment or you will be charged a cleaning fee. 

10) Dunk Tanks & Water InflatablesThe water will splash out with use, so you must have a water source nearby to refill water levels as needed to prevent injury.

11) Bartenders & Wait Staff: We do not offer this service, however, Patty in the Party & Event Dept. can refer you to professionals who do. 

The current industry rates:  

(1) Bartenders: $100.00 for 4 hours.
(2) Wait staff, servers, dishwashers, set-up and/or clean up crew: $20.00 per hour.


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