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Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Do you require a deposit?
Unless you have an established charge account with us, we may require a 50% deposit on party orders prior to the day of rental. In all other cases, payment is due in full the day you pick up our equipment or we deliver it. 

For party orders, we will call you a few days before your event to confirm. Deposits will become non-refundable one week before your event (depending on the circumstances). Please have your headcounts confirmed by then. Changes to an order after we have already prepared it may incur an extra fee.

What is required for me to rent?
We require proof of identity with a photo (i.e. a valid driver's license, passport, etc.) which we will keep a copy on file. We accept cash and the following credit cards:  Visa, Mastercard, Discover & American Express. Checks are only accepted from our established change accounts, unless we receive payment well in advance of your event. 

How many hours is a daily rental?
Other than party equipment, a daily rental is equivalent to 24 hours in your possession. On some equipment, however, such as tractors, chippers, compressors, and large generators, there is an 8 hour meter use limit during that 24 hour period. Some products have a shorter 2-hour and/or 4-hour rental rate available. 

Party equipment is rented at an "event" rate as long as the equipment is being used once. For instance, for a wedding, we allow you to pick-up your equipment on Friday and return it on Monday for the event rate. (N
ote: We are closed on Saturdays and Sundays.) 

Do you deliver? 
Yes, we deliver locally as well as to North Port, Arcadia, and other surrounding areas. The rate depends on the distance from our store. Note: This rate is to a drop site only which means you will be required to transport it to and from the spot you intend to use it. If you will require us to transport the equipment to a location away from the drop site you will be charged extra AND you must make arrangements in advance so that we have enough manpower and time scheduled. Some venues are more difficult to transport the equipment (such as the beach and multi-level buildings, and/or the distance from the drop site) and will cost more.

Do you set-up & break-down tables and chairs?
Yes, we do offer this service for an additional fee:
Per Chair: .4
5𝇍 for set-up and 45𝇍 for break-down for metal chairs
                 : .65𝇍 for set-up and .65𝇍 for break-down for wood chairs
Per Table: $1.50 for set-up and $1.50 for break-down

You must make arrangements beforehand for us to provide this service so that we have enough manpower and time scheduled. 

Can I return equipment after hours?
No, all equipment must be returned during regular business hours: 7am - 5pm Mon. - Fri.  (We are closed Saturdays & Sundays.) 
An after hours delivery or pick-up can sometimes be arranged for an additional fee.

7) Do you charge sales tax on rentals?
Yes, we are required to charge sales tax on rental items unless your company is tax exempt. If you are exempt, we are required to have a copy of your current tax exempt certificate on file, so please bring one with you or you will be charged tax. 

What do I do if the equipment is not working properly? 
Unfortunately, equipment does sometimes malfunction and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. Please call us IMMEDIATELY at 941-625-7110 to notify us of the problem so that we can either bring out replacement equipment or stop the clock on your rental. If we are closed, please leave a message with details and your phone number. 

Do you charge a damage waiver?
No, we do not, which means you are responsible for any damage (beyond reasonable wear and tear), lost equipment, and any missing parts while it is in your possession.

Do you provide bartenders and wait staff?
No, that is not one of our services, however, Patty in our Party & Event Department will be happy to refer you to professionals who do.   
The current industry rate is: 
Bartender: $100.00 for 4 hours.
Wait staff, servers, dishwashers, set-up and/or clean-up crew: $20.00 per hour.


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